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The Credit Group will help you improve your credit score, rebuild your credit, and acheive financial freedom.
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The Credit Group is a professional organization that delivers on its promise to improve your credit status.  -Dale Holness


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The Credit Group, Inc.

Welcome to The Credit Group, Inc. your professional advocate and client friendly advisor, dedicated to helping you to a complete and comprehensive simple process of repairing and raising your credit score. Our service goal is to recharge your financial health.

Our services are designed to improve your credit with all three major credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. As our client, it is very important for you to be involved with the process of restoring your credit history and updating your file. But be reassured, we guarantee to work with you every step of the way in the rebuilding of your financial good health – our experienced credit repair team has a dedicated mission to protect your rights and get you back on track – moving you forward to a better, brighter day!

The Credit Group offers a wide range of services geared to improving credit ratios, eliminate bad debt we will also work diligently to negotiate your client’s accounts in an efforts to increase your credit score, which allows clients to increase their chances of obtaining financial freedom while regaining credit independence.

As a member of The Credit Group take advantage of:

  • Credit Counseling Class
  • Consumer smart programs
  • Debt elimination
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Fraud Protection
  • Peace of mind
  • An overhaul and complete repair of your credit rating
We will also:
  • Halt collection calls
  • Help you save thousands of dollars
  • Pay extra attention to every detail
  • Negotiate directly with your creditors without charging any additional fees.
  • Provide a standard of excellence in customer service
We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services we provide and trust that you'd be proud enough to refer all of your friends, colleagues and family members who are also challenged with credit issues to the experts at The Credit Group Inc.

A Word of Caution: There are many different ways to settle your debts: Filing for bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling and management programs are some of the few; however, these programs can often do more harm than good and could result in preventing you from opening a checking account or being accepted for employment.

With The Credit Group, Inc's proprietary restoration program and skilled financial services, you have the opportunity to dramatically improve your lifestyle. This exclusive program is offered to individuals like yourself who respect the privilege of credit and who will use it wisely. This program enables our clients to have an improved credit rating, a higher credit score, and a cleaner credit report.