First Steps Toward Fixing Your Credit

First Steps toward Fixing Your Credit

How Long Will it Take to Fix My Credit?

It doesn’t take long to rack up debt and wind up with bad credit, but it does take some time to repair it. Be wary of anyone who tells you they can repair it fast—that’s likely to get you into more trouble. Even when you have paid off a collection account, it stays on your credit report for seven years.

What Can I Do to Fix My Credit?

The first thing to do is check your credit score. You can request a free copy if you haven’t already, and use this to do a close review of everything impacting your credit score. There may be errors, such as incorrect balances or late payments that shouldn’t be there. Anything you find should be reported and disputed immediately.

Start paying down that debt! Not only will it help your repair your credit, it will lessen the financial burden weighing you down. Review your statements to see where you can cut back on spending and come up with a payment plan you can stick to – putting funds towards  cards with the highest interest first.  Put away those credit cards so you’re not tempted to use them.

Once you have a plan in place, take advantage of the automatic payment options available, as well as payment reminders, so you don’t risk forgetting any payments. Stick to your budget…that will get easier as you see your balances decrease.

Sometimes you need outside help, and we’re here when you do.

Call The Credit Group today at 954-318-2935 and let us help lift your burden.

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