How Trade-lines Improve Your Credit Score

Trade lines have been a process for improving a consumer credit file for number of years now.
Understanding how trade lines work will completely blow your mind, as a matter of fact, you will ask yourself; “why I haven’t done this to boost my credit before”.
In the current economy, prepaid cards are subject to approval, making it difficult to build credit for yourself, with your own money.

Adding a trade line that can be added without the worries or headache of not being approved is an AMAZING tool to assist our clients.

Why you would need a trade line

When obtaining a mortgage loan will need the following:

  1. Established Credit
  2. Credit Utilization
  3. Credit Worthiness
  4. Middle Score of 640 or better


Where can I obtain a trade line

At The Credit Group, we partner with  Capital One, and other financial institutions,  to assist our clients establish good credit.

Where NOT to obtain a trade line

  1. Someone offering you to be added on their credit card, (why) if they’re late you’re late …..


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