Identity Theft Protection And Your Credit Score

idtheftIdentity Theft is a growing concern for every consumer. Someone could be using your personal information to create debt in your name, that you can be legally financially responsible for if you do not protect yourself against identity theft and identity fraud. The digital world we live in is the main reason consumers who use credit cards and other forms of digital financial transactions should adopt new habits to better “deter, detect, and defend ” against Identity theft.

The more you expose your financial information, and your personal information, to the digital world, the more important it is for you to be able to detect anomalies on your accounts. Evaluate monthly statements carefully to ensure that there are no unknown transactions, indicating potential identity fraud.

Your credit report is another tool that you can use to detect as well as defend yourself against identity fraud / identity theft. Protect your identity by being diligent and responsible about where your credit gets exposed. In the unfortunate scenario where we have to repair our credit because of identity theft, things may become more challenging. Many of victims of identity theft adopted the steps above once they were made aware of the best steps to protect themselves. Experienced professionals at The Credit Group are here to help you resolve potentially difficult credit resolutions.

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The Federal Trade Commission has very good information regarding protecting yourself against identity theft.