Identity Protection: It’s Everybody’s Business


Identity theft is still at an all-time high and is also the top complaints consumer reports to the FTC for 12 years in a row. Protecting yourself really begins at home. Everyone needs to be into the habit of protecting them-self from identity theft.

Key things to remember….

1. Try not to provide your social security number over the phone when verifying your personal information

2. Always update your mailing address when moving

3. Read your monthly credit card statement

4. When speaking with your creditors, let them identify to whom your speaking with on the phone. If you’re not sure look, at your statement and nicely advise them; you will call them back (there are many IT , programmers and web designers that are not honest. They can manipulate the look of a website to look like your creditor’s)

5. Maintain some sort of credit monitoring to alert you at any given moment when there may be a threat.

Spread the word to friends-and-family help them understand fraud is real and it can affect everyone it doesn’t matter who you are.




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